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  • Modern acupuncture, acupoints health care, facilitate meridian system, live a healthy life
  • Product Introduction:

    Mini medical equipment based on time-honored Chinese acupuncture treatment and modern technologies. It can focus magnetic field into high-energy beams. When the pinpoint presses certain acupoint, the strong magnetic beam will produce some electrical pulse by scanning the acupoint. That not only can adjust the qi and blood function of the body, but also can speed up blood circulation in that part of the body, removing the toxic elements quickly, letting the pathogen be killed by the immune cells easily. It has the effects of lowering blood pressure, diminishing inflammation, killing pains, stimulating menstrual flow and facilitating micro-circulation.

  • 3 breakthroughs: easy to learn, simple to use, high popularity; no need to penetrate into the skin, no pain; no infection. It is both convenient and durable in application, with the efficiency up to 98.4% after being in application for more than a decade.
  • Stimulate acupoints to clear blood channels by using high-energy magnetic beams and electrical pulse produced instantly. Like acupuncture, it is a tool for health protection which needs to choose relevant acupoints. Furthermore, it's also a health-care product for family because it brings no injuries. 1mm from the skin, the high-energy electrical pulse emitted by the pinpoint can penetrate into the skin and reach the acupoints directly before reaching blood vessels, so its effect has been bettered enormously.
  • Pressing - Choose the correct acupoint and press it with the pinpoint until you feel the "eight sensations", which are normal reflective phenomena of the meridian system. However, there is no need to pursue the "eight sensations" blindly. You should do this according to your body's acceptability without penetrating the pinpoint into the skin. 3 to 5 seconds of pressing is recommended.
  • Massaging - Circle the pinpoint around the acupoint for 5 to 10 seconds. You can also continue to press after massaging.
  • lectrical pulse - Turn on the electrical pulse button after pressing and massaging for 1 to 3 minutes. Then give each acupoint an electrical pulse 2 to 4 times. Pricking, stinging or throbbing feelings in the skin are normal if they appear.


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