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其中包括拥有 159 个穴道的手掌和 98 个穴道的耳廓。



Perfect Accu Pen is a health maintenance deice which is specially crafted according to the theory of Chinese Medicine. It's main functions include detecting, recuperating and protecting. It starts by detecting physical conditions through the palm and ear acupoints, then it will recuperate by smoothing out the meridians and restoring balance to the Qi and blood in your body to strengthen and improve the immunity system which helps in maintaining health.

According to the experience and theoretical knowledge of Chinese Medicine, the viscera and meridians in the human body will show a person's health condition,

including the palms which has 159 acupuncture points and 98 points on the auricles.

If one of the appoints feel pain, it means that particular part may have some problems.

This product is suitable for:
Old people and those who lack exercise
Those with poor Qi and blood circulation 
Those who want to maintain health 

This product is not suitable for those wearing a cardiac pacemaker, recently at or drank within an hour, pregnant women, children under 5, 4th stage tumor patients and those with bleeding conditions (e.g. post-surgery wounds or perforated ulcers.)

*Use for a maximum of 1 hour per day, drink a glass of warm water or AO Plus after use.


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